臺北醫學大學 國際原住民生態農夫結盟

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    CINSBU means first place the sun exposure . The main income of this community is from fungus years ago, but now it depends on high cold vegetables, Fruit and people working in the city.    
    Peach is the most important fruit and Its harvest season is in June to July. By the way,The members planted lots of Kwanza cherries within these years. 
    The community combined peach and cherry to have the festival at season.
    Also there's an income from the guesthouses because lots tourist come to have a Eco travel for visiting the Hinoki forest. Hinoki is a very good quality and expensive wood for buildings. Hikoi forest is believed to have healing power.
The traditional social norm system Gaga is declined. Christian become the core of Society organizations. Most of the community members are Christian. The rest are catholic. Both have their own churches.
    Over past 20 years, before the community developing organization blooming, the church pastors lead and educated the members to establish a strong faith community, both of national consciousness and cohesion by this created a community with very strong faith. The most important resource of this community is the people living here.
    The disaster alarm has been arising not only caused by the change of life style and the use of landscape but also the way to cut trees by The forest service over past decades and the climate changes. That made the tribes start to emphasis the thought about sustainable development.
    The eco industry combined eco culture journey and leisure agriculture is recognized as the future of the community. The members are thinking of the possibility to read just the land for getting a safer living space.
    Therefore, the concept to protect the traditional territories and build up the nature resources condominium is complemented gradually.
    However, there are still different opinions about the future direction and resources distribution of tourism industry. For now, the rapid growth of guest house business is mostly under controlled by the people from the city who suggest the people own the capital can use the nature resources freely. The community members are pushed to follow the idea. The eco industry basically established under the circumstance. Nevertheless, the community still has a solid foundation of self governance.
    Of course it relies on a good integration platform to care about continuously.