臺北醫學大學 國際原住民生態農夫結盟

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2016 Taiwan

INIEF communities try to see each other at least every two years. Not in conference rooms, but in our home communities, where stories and experiences are more real.


This is the idea of the Walking Workshop: to use the landscape, the surroundings of our communities as our blackboard - each field, river, home and temple inspiring different conversations about food, agriculture, resistance, identity.



Our workshop in Taiwan (10-20 March 2016) focused on the following themes:


- land rights and the protection of ancestral territories

- ecological methods of farming

- strengthening traditional practices in agriculture, gathering, fishing, hunting, arts and crafts

- the protection and exchange of traditional seed varieties

- local economies and the role of cash crops

- listening to our elders and teaching our traditional knowledge to our children and grandchildren.


Future meetings may focus on one or more of these themes, depending on where the workshop is held and which issues are felt as most urgent.