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Welcome to the website of the International Network of Indigenous Ecological Farmers, or INIEF!


We are indigenous farmers from different communities in Asia and the Pacific.


We have come together to find solutions to the problems our communities are facing as a result of climate change, misguided economic and development policies and the threats posed to our lands by governments, corporations and conservation agencies.


Our network aims to create a space for exchange, cooperation and action. A space for friendship, where we tell each other about our traditional knowledge and the work we have done to protect our lands and our identities. A space from which we can work in solidarity for the health and happiness of our communities.


The INIEF network is made up of its member communities. Our values are reflected in the Taiwan Declaration, to which all members are bound. We invite all indigenous and traditional ecological farming communities who subscribe to these values to join us, as well as any organisation willing to support our cause.